I d attribute question. What is i d attribute?

What is a
i d attribute?

Are you familiar with the class attribute? As in

<div class="my-div"></div>

If you want to become a web developer (or really any type of programmer) then you’ll want to get used to using your favorite search engine to find answers to your questions because you will be doing that a lot :slight_smile:

I typed the following into duckduckgo:

what is an id attribute

And the first two returns were exactly what I was asking for.

I don’t mean to be rude here, maybe you already did this and still don’t understand? If so, could you be a little more specific about what you don’t understand?

@raja.arshan6555 First of all welcome to the FreeCodeCamp forums! An attribute on any tag is something that comes after the tag. Most common attributes are probably href, id, and class. These things all come after a tag like this - <tag attribute></tag> I hope this helps. With an ID you also have to give it a value so like this <tag attribute="something"></tag>. Good luck and happy coding! :smile: