I’d like to ask a question to all full-time devs

I’d like to ask a question to all full-time devs: What are the fundamentals that–if you practice over and again to get really good at–will build a sturdy foundation so one can become an above average dev. Cheers.

The biggest difference between a learner and an ‘average developer’ is the amount of experience. If you want to be ‘above average’, gain an ‘above average’ number of years of experience.

I’m not really aware of ‘cheat codes’ to short circuit the benefits of doing lots of stuff and gaining experience.


Yeah, the secret is to just keep learning and building things. If you can work with other devs and o inspect each others’ code, that is great, too.

There is no one skill to master. There are a lot of things to get (at least) pretty good at. They will reveal themselves as you learn and build things.


“above average” means knowing what the average is and going beyond that.

Generally most people over, estimate their skills when asked about them. Plus it’s all relative.

That said, I do have a few that come to mind when it comes to at least “learning fast” and effectively.

  1. Know how to ask an effective question, such will help get you answers effectively
  2. Know when to “jump in and learn” rather than “waiting to learn more”.
  3. Don’t be afraid of not knowing or failure
  4. Learn anything, at least enough to get context to if you should dive deeper.

This might not be enough to get you “above average”, but it could if constantly applied.

Good luck keep learning, keep growing :+1:

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Merci beaucoup ! Thanks

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