I decided to join a Bootcamp, should I join now?

I saw online that in my country there is this free government-funded Bootcamp that seems to be working with recruiters, and it seems pretty decent overall.

I remember reading somewhere that it’s better to learn some stuff by yourself before joining a Bootcamp, is this true? and what are these things?

I would definitely recommend learning as much as you can before attending a bootcamp. Trying to cram in all the information you need over a short time is difficult.


All of the developers that I know, did some sort of self study first before going to their bootcamps.

Bootcamps are very fast paced and you won’t spend a lot of time on the concepts.

If you study for a few months before the camp, that will help you greatly.

Doing the first few certifications on freeCodeCamp is a good start.

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Most bootcamp experiences will require some level of pre-work to be performed so that you’re on pace with the level of learning you’ll experience in the program.

Each student I worked with as a bootcamp instructor came into the program with at least 90 hours of study, but as it was mentioned, to take your time and grasp concepts it’s advisable to start a few months prior with a self-teaching path that mimics your bootcamp’s curriculum journey.

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