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<title>Attribute to Abdul Sattar Edhi</title>
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<h1 class="text-center">Abdul Sattar Edhi</h1>
<h3>The man who made and ran the world's largest volunteer ambulance network.</h3>
<div class="container" id="jcontainer">
    <div class="jumbotron">
    <p>Abdul Sattar Edhi was a Pakistani philanthropist, ascetic, and humanitarian who founded the Edhi Foundation, which runs the world's largest volunteer ambulance network,[10] along with homeless shelters, rehab centres, and orphanages across Pakistan</p>
<div class="col-md-6 offset-md-3">
    <h2>Here is timeline of Abdul Sattar Edhi's life</h2>
        <li>Edhi born in 1928</li>
        <li>Moved to Karachi where he established a free dispensary for Karachi's low-income residents.</li>
        <li>Edhi's charitable activities expanded in 1957 when an Asian flu epidemic swept through Karachi.</li>
        <li>Donations allowed him to buy his first ambulance the same year. He later expanded his charity network with the help of his wife Bilquis Edhi.</li>
        <li>By the time of his death, Edhi was registered as a parent or guardian of nearly 20,000 children.</li>
        <li>He is known as Angel of Mercy and is considered to be Pakistan's "most respected" and legendary figure.</li>
        <li>In 2013, The Huffington Post claimed that he might be "the world's greatest living humanitarian"</li>
        <li>while on 28 February 2017, Google celebrated Edhi with a Google Doodle hailing his "super-efficient" ambulance service.</li>
        <li>Eidhi received several awards including Gandhi Peace Award and the UNESCO-Madanjeet Singh Prize.</li>
        <p><strong>"People have become educated, but have yet to become human."</strong></p>
        <p class="text-muted"><i>___Abdul Sattar Edhi</i></p>
        <div class="container text-center col-md-6 offset-md-3">
            <p class="lead"><strong>If you have time, you should read more about this incredible human being on his <a href="https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Abdul_Sattar_Edhi" target="_blank">Wikipedia entry</a></strong></p>
            <p class="text-muted">Written and coded by <a href="http://devbros.tk/">Ahmed Raza</a></p>