I did my portfolio yesterday and I hate it!

Is it possible to scrap it and start over…

I am new to this and know I can do such a better job with more research and time.


Do you think I should scrap this??

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Of course!

I wouldn’t. Like you said it comes with time, so why would you start over right when you finish? Go on to the next couple and retouch it later. My portfolio looks like crap right now too, but I plan on fixing it soon.


You have tasted enlightenment. If you silence the voice in your mind telling you it’s wrong, you’ll be free to make ugly web apps until you know how to make beautiful ones.


I still haven’t made my portfolio yet lol.
Revise it as you learn more. It will get better in time.

if you planned to complete the whole front-end course then my suggestion would don’t put too much pressure on yourself for this project. End of the course you will learn a lot of new thongs and you will think differently eventually you will start from scratch


Feel free to scrap it and start over as many times as you want. The important thing is that you’ve finished your first “failure” on the project, and that you didn’t quit on it. Now you can focus on improving it or making a better one.

If you’d like to make a better project, feel free to. I don’t think the problem is with your HTML / CSS knowledge, I think it’s your design choices. I’d pick better fonts, have less awkward spacing, and some of the text doesn’t seem to go together with some of the colors of the images behind them.

Best of luck with whatever you decide, and keep coding!


My advice would be to have a look at other portfolio sites, to get more inspiration.
As @Pardemy394, things like Fonts and images can greatly enhance the visual of a site. Keep it up, don’t give up. As you learn more, you can refine the portfolio.
my advice for your next projects would be to first wireframe (you can draw on paper) a visual structure of your site. That will help when you are coding the different sections.


why dont you just keep it and start again with a new pen?

once you really get going with the camp it’ll be a great reference for seeing how far you have come.

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You can re-make your portfolio as many times as you want and most people here do that, I think. But do keep your old one (maybe on your own computer, not in pen) so you can look at it after and see your progress :slight_smile:

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Thanks for all the input, and reminding me that I am still a beginner. I can’t wait to see what’s next!!


That’s the spirit! Every master started as a beginner. You will get better with time and persistence.

I would highly suggest saving that portfolio page. I would consider it as a “diary entry”. In 6 months or so, when you revisit you can make a testament that you improved since then!

Happy coding!


I’ve scrapped so many portfolio sites… I suggest that you get a good design tool like Sketch so you don’t waste time trying to do the design in CSS.

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Don’t delete it! In a few months you’ll come back to it and see how you’ve improved your skills. Just keep studying and you’ll get better. After all, is not that bad.

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All right, while I do not claim to be an expert web designer, myself, I wish to offer a couple critiques of your page, if you don’t mind.

  1. The background images- While I can see the fishes and the water going together, the castle just comes out of nowhere. I would also recommend that you think about who your target audience is and then pick one background image that reflects their interests.

  2. The paragraphs A bit of text aligned to the center can create a nice effect, such as a heading or even a blockquote. However, entire paragraphs aligned to the center is a little tacky, in my opinion. Also, we figured out from the top what your name is. I would recommend ditching that part altogether.

I hope that helps.


Yes just delete it from you Profile

To much details. Try bootstrap instead your design and React instead JQuery.

You could scrap it yes, but you could also update it later on as you gain more experience and skills from learning. At least that’s what I plan on doing :slight_smile:

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I went through the same exact process! I think I spent about 2 weeks scrapping ideas(lead me to buy some nice notebooks btw!) until I was content with an idea, this doesn’t mean I was satisfied though, and I do plan on going back an updating projects. Checkout the FCC vlog on YouTube I forgot her name but she just did this by updating her portfolio I believe using react. The thing to remember is as you learn and improve in your skills it’s always nice to go back and apply the skills. Keep it up! You got this!

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Why don’t you start adding light css framework (bootstrap will be overkill).

First add some kind of reset (normalize.css if the framework you are adding doesn’t have a reset), and then you can use https://purecss.io/ or http://getskeleton.com/

Since bootstrap has too much going on, it might confuse you, but having a light framework with few things to remember might actually provide better ways to learn from the framework. Kind of watching a master chef prep an omelet instead of a full star food.

A reset is like a factory default command, it resets all browsers to a base level so you don’t get strange behaviours on different browsers, it is no total remedi but better than nothing.


LOL, I am new too, and I don’t have any previous experience because I am in a totally different field. I haven’t even finished mine, and I already scrapped 3 of them. I get frustrated just by looking at my unfinished work but it keeps me going further. I code early in the morning before work, at night coming home from work, and in my sleep. I think I’m addicted to this. :slight_smile: I hope I can finish mine soon so I could move forward. Keep it up and good luck on your endeavors.