I didn't think I could do it - but I stuck with it and got the job I wanted!

So I felt like I had alot stacked against me; Although I was a programmer when I was younger (MUCH younger) I left the field about 25 years ago to own and run a horse training facility. I decided about two years ago that I would like to get back into the field but I am not willing to commit 40 hours a week to a job (I still have a small amount of the business to attend to, so I am available a good 25-30 hours a week. So here I am, taking FCC and a few other classes and did some pair programming and stuff. It was all right, I do a little wordpress so I did that for a nonprofit for free and I got a few gigs on upwork so I could have at least a little relevant experience on my resume. I think my turning point came when I got put on a build-to-learn project with a few other people. We decided that the group would do a MEAN stack application. I didn’t feel confident in an aspects of that but was willing to try. I got assigned to work on the Angular part and so I enrolled in the Angular Class that changed my life! I have reviewed this class and it was awesome! All the other people in my group dropped out so I ended up writing the Mongo/Express/NodeJS part on my own and then when alot of that was established I got a partner who really helped put the icing on the cake. I felt very confident that I could be productive on a project but again I really would not be happy in a large company - I don’t need a career so much as something that engages me and makes me feel like I have an identity. So I got this call out of the blue by a person with a startup who wanted someone to write Angular 4 UI for a python backend. It is a freelance job where I work from home and work my odd hours (sometimes in the morning and sometimes at night.) It really is working great for me! I am writing interesting original code with a great team and I am very happy and learning a lot! I think it took me about a year which I think is pretty fast! Good luck to everyone else - it will happen for you!


Congratulations on landing a job that suits you so well for your current circumstances!

I’m glad all your work and effort paid off :slight_smile:

That’s great, man! Congrats!

Awesome, congrats and good luck with the project. I hope someday I’ll also have a reason to write a similar post :slight_smile:

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