I do not know what to do!

Hello everyone. I am Sharkzan. I major in computer science in Turkey. We have different education system to earn university so I have ended up computer science without any programming background. I am freshman so I have only one class per term related to computer science for this year. I have learned a little python for the first term. Now, in second semester, I only have C programming class and lots of free time and I am totaly lost. I do not know where to start. I see my peers doing sth I dont know anything about and that makes me nervous. Could anyone please help me to create a path or helpme where to start because all of my other classes are like math, physics or biology so I kinda feel I waste my time with that stuffs. I will appreciate all kind of helps. Thanks for your time.

Start working on the FCC curriculum. It’s a very good learning guide.

Also, this is one of the best online courses you can take to get an essential foundation in computer science, if you haven’t properly learned it yet: https://www.edx.org/course/introduction-computer-science-harvardx-cs50x

And don’t discount learning math. A lot of math is extremely foundational to coding. Maybe not calculus if that’s what you’re learning, but most other kinds of math are very much related to coding - discrete math, statistics & probability, linear algebra. Hopefully you got a good foundation in basic algebra in high school, as that’s probably the most important though.

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Firstly, thanks for your reply. Unfortunately, I have two math classes this term and one of them is calculus2 which requires lots of time, and the other one is linear algebra. I have checked out the edx link. I have been taught all of that course except html and css in my first semester this year. I am open to more advanced courses. Thanks again!

I went to a state university in the US and learned basically the same amount of languages, with really only 1 language being the primary language (Java). At least half of my major courses were math based. I did take an operating system class which went over C, to understand lower level memory usage, and an optional game class very lightly went over JS, but thats it.

I also went to college with very minimal programming experience, besides what I already knew from randomly playing around myself.

Depends what you want to do after college. I usually recommend you look into a variety of things so you can get an idea of what’s out there, and find what you like and don’t like.

Generally, college purposely puts you through a bunch of “random” stuff for the same reason. It forces you to be exposed to things you wouldn’t normally be exposed to so you at least get an idea of what the subject is above, rather than ignoring it on face value. For example, I took a critical thinking course early in my college career and found it to be one of the single most important classes I’ve ever taken.

I suggest taking a similar approach to your computer science focused learning. Do focus on your schooling first before investing a lot of time into other non-school things, but overall the goal is the same. Expose yourself to a number of topics so you get a better perspective as to what you want to focus on later when you graduate.

Good luck, leverage your college as best you can, and keep learning :+1:

Welcome to the community: have you looked at various programming disciplines and figured out what you want to do? I would start there.

if you want you can complete the 5 projects for each cert for extra practice

but, after a while, there is no more “more advanced courses”, there is just creating projects and appling what you have learned

Maybe check about contributing to open source, that can be good experience, whatever you end doing after

there is a huge variety in free online courses that you can use to help build your skill level (i’m using freecodecamp and codecademy, but there are many other options, too). youtube can also be helpful for learning about specific skills from other programmers as well as coding forums/communities. in addition to that, though, another thing that can help is changing your mindset (cliche, i know, but hear me out). i’m a beginner when it comes to programming so i completely understand how overwhelming it can be, but try not to let that feeling of being overwhelmed keep you from pursuing your passions. i actually just watched a youtube video a few minutes ago that talks about this, so i’ll go ahead and link that and you can watch it if you’d like. i wish you the best with your learning process! :))

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