I do not see how knowing how to do something like this will help a person build a website

I do not see how knowing how to do something like this will help a person build a website.

Maybe I am completely missing something. Can anyone explain other than it is a mental exercise.

Really? On several of the projects I’ve done for FCC I had to do complex manipulation of data. I had a website I did for a client where I had to parse through data and manipulate it. True, I’ve never actually had to do a rot13 cypher specifically, but that is not the point. The point is to learn to think algorithmically and to use JS to do it. If you’ve never had to do anything like this, then I suspect you’ve led a very sheltered coding life.

But once again, you’re trying to hijack a thread with a rant about … about … I don’t know.

This is not a post about teaching coding or for your complaining about FCC. It is about a specific camper’s specific problem, not an excuse for you to complain. If you have something to add on that subject, then please do. Otherwise, please don’t hijack another thread.

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Can anyone here split a post to a new topic?

I think my comment was very appropriate. I really do not see how going through these mathematical manipulations are THAT helpful in training a person to build websites. Sure sometimes a person would need to manipulate data but that is not that often.

Why can’t we have other campers join in and tell us what they think. Why should comments which might not please you be split etc. There are many more areas that are much more needed than these puzzles.

Why am I not allowed to express that opinion? Hardly a ‘rant’. It is a valid point that you are trying to belittle.