I do not understand what I am doing wrong

I think you should just write p{font-size: 20px} instead of the second media query


I will try that, thank you for the response.


Your initial font size needs to be 20px.

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You probably modified the initial code. Make sure to only write your new code in the area marked which is in between the comments

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Thank you! I see what I did there. I appreciate the replies! I feel like an idiot.

It’s okay to make mistakes but that shouldn’t make you feel bad we are humans

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Please post actual code instead of images. Also, please post the link to the challenge you are working on. Thank you.

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Don’t feel like that. I am here on the website stuck on how to arrange my grid. Nothing seems to be working. Still waiting for someone to guide me.
No one know it all, its continuous learning.

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What do you need help with maybe I can help

This is my query brother: What am I doing wrong? Why my grid is not working?
Please check it out.

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