I don't feel confident with CSS. Went through materials twice

I’ve just covered materials for responsive web design and I still don’t remember most of the CSS syntax while doing projects. Also, I’m not sure whether I’m doing it the right way/ best way. I still don’t feel confident enough.
Should I just move forward to the next module even I’m not sure or keep practicing?

Btw please review my project.

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Your color selection looks nice. Padding and margins looks good. Don’t overthink, keep on moving forward, keep on building fun websites, at least one website per day(simple ones). That should improve your confidence. After all, it is all about experience. And, remember to have fun.

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don’t worry about remembering stuff, if you know how to use it and where to find something if you don’t remember it it’s fine, it’s exactly as a programmer should do

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hey mate,
Dont worry about “not remembering” - you wont remember a lot of stuff in the modules. If you were designing your own projects you would need to search the documentation / google for what parameters you need.

“I never commit to memory anything that can easily be looked up in a book” - Albert Einstein

Practice is the key, if you practice your skills they will be embedded much better than just reading the materials, plus you will have something more to show for it.

Im starting myself and im finding aspects of JavaScript difficult, but this stuff takes a lot of time and patience to master. All the videos online that are “10mins to learn x” are very deceiving as it takes a lot lot longer to get to know any of this stuff.

you dont need confidence, not really, you just need to keep moving, building projects and aiming to improve. Confidence will come later.

The project looks great, good use of colour and gradients. My image doesnt load, but i have a very poor internet connection. Its also showing an error saying its not centered within its element.

I don’t feel confident with CSS, and I’ve been using it professionally for about a decade. I’m one of the most CSS-competent programmer at my workplace, and I still refer to styling tasks as “being stuck in CSS hell”.

I’ve interacted with people who love CSS and understand it amazingly well. That’s how you spot the alien imposters. :smiley:


Like the others say, don’t overthink things too much, and don’t worry about remembering everything. Just practice and have fun. Your confidence will grow. I’ve been styling for over a decade now and I still have to google things. As long as you know what it is you want to achieve, you’ll find the answers, some will stick with you, some wont.
Your site looks good to me, so keep going and building on that for now. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself.