I don't feel like I fully understood

Hello! I took a Responsive Web Design course and completed 90% of that course, but I think I still don’t understand some even simple concepts. For example, in the last test, I couldn’t position the navigation bar at the top without finding a ready-made answer. I wanted to ask: Is this normal? Will I learn this in Front End Development Libraries Certification or JavaScript Algorithms and Data Structures Certification, or should I take this course again?

You wouldn’t learn it in the next courses. Its normal to look things up. I look things up all the time when im working. Stuff that I forgot, or new things I haven’t learned yet. The important thing right now is not looking for an answer before you try to figure it out on your own.

Be careful looking up answers on the forum. We usually remove the solutions we find, but some escape us. There have been several who have gone through the forum and copied the first answer they find. Usually turns out they copy the wrong thing and mess up their code even more

I would take looking for answers as a last resort. If you ever get stuck, try asking us on here first.

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