I don't get it when I try to learn CSS

Greetings Team I know the basics about HTML but when CSS comes in I struggle to understand what I am doing. I know that freeCodeCamp helps through the process but I barely know what I am doing when I am using CSS, any advice?

Yeah, CSS is weird. A lot of developers don’t like CSS. But it is important to know. I think a lot of it just comes from practice. I like sites like css-tricks, MDN, etc. as references. Google is your friend. I once read through the book CSS Mastery, but ultimately it just takes practice.

so is it normal to struggle when learning CSS?

Only for 99% of us - I’d call that normal. I once met a guy who loved CSS. I assume that he was mentally ill. :wink:

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He’s actually one of the friendliest guys on YT :laughing:.

Op, yes it is difficult! Especially in a time where everything has to work on 10k gaming monitors AND an Iphone 4.

Like with everything in our trade keep practicing. One day you will handle basic CSS, check the documents and try & error for the rest.

So I’ve to practice until I master it?

That depends on what you men by “master”. People throw that word around a lot in coding. I don’t need to master CSS. I need to know what I need to know - I need to know the basics and know what is possible so I can look it up what I forget. To “master” it, as I understand the word, I’d probably need to spend a couple years focussing on just that. But I don’t want or need to do that.

I think you’re worrying too much. Give it time. Keep moving forward. There are so many interlocking pieces in web dev that perfectionism in learning is a bad thing. You need to learn to keep moving forward and know that things will connect up later.

But is it normal to wonder what I am doing since I barely understand? FreeCodeCamp is giving me all the steps to follow but I don’t understand very well what I am doing.

Right, I just mean that a certain amount of “I don’t understand this completely but I have to keep moving forward” is normal.

I think modern CSS is pretty damn cool, it has come a long way.

In my opinion, the CSS hate has more to do with its history and how it has been taught than the language itself in its current state.

You can do a lot with very few lines of CSS using modern CSS techniques and if you approach the problem as you would programming you wouldn’t be blaming the language for all the mistakes you made when designing the system you created.

You can ignore the plug and just use the free resources linked to

I certainly agree that it is important and very powerful. I just don’t think people should worry if they don’t instantly get it and it takes a while.

Bro don’t stress if you don’t like it, you don’t have to learn it all the way. Learn basic CSS from this 20 min Youtube video and move on to JavaScript part.
Learn CSS in 20 Minutes - YouTube

Later If you are interested, you can also check out this video where florin builds 10 HTML CSS websites in 3 hours. Try building few of them and you will feel confident about CSS.

Yes, just keep trying and never give up! try these fun games ! https://flukeout.github.io/ and https://flexboxfroggy.com/.
The more you try the more you understand!!
Happy coding !

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