I don't have nor do I want FB

Why is it necessary to have Facebook? On principle, I don’t like Facebook, but I would have to use it to get to finish a challenge. I would join a meet up group, but all the groups are on Facebook. Are you guys sponsored by facebook or something?

You can find some FCC meetup groups via meetup.com. To my knowledge FCC is not sponsored by Facebook. A lot of people use Facebook, so there are many FCC groups on it. You do not have to have a Facebook account to complete the projects here.

OK, never mind. The challenge would not clear, i guess it has a timer, because I tried multiple times clicking to search for a group on another tab.


What is the name of the challenge? It has been a while since I worked on the first challenges.

EDIT: If the challenge is called “Join a freeCodeCamp Study Group in Your City”, then all you should have to do is click the “Open link in new tab” button and then close out that window and return to the challenge (step 2 of 2) and click the Finish Challenge button.

Yup. And You are right.

Apparently, clicking to see groups opens a new tab and hitting return button doesn’t return you to the original tab, it keeps you on the new tab. Ended up opening a bunch of tabs, all with a newly disabled “complete” button and enabled ‘see groups’ button.