I don't know how to launch my tribute page after building it

i am done with my tribute page, about to start the portfolio but don’t even know how to launch the tribute page to be “browseable”. only launches on my mobile phone, so ugly and scattered. Pls i need help, this is the link: http://codepen.io/DiamondOkpi/pen/RKWwep?editors=1100

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Looks good to me on desktop.

I don’t know if this is what you need but here’s how i see it on my computer. If you want to make it “beautiful” on your phone, you have to make it responsive i think.

It’s always going to have the codepen bar at the top, but you can go to change view > full to get the most minimal (if that’s what you mean).

What other people are saying is also correct - if you want it to look good on mobile you’ll need to add responsiveness, like the bootstrap grid

Ok thanks, will try that. Guess I’ll move on then come back to improve as I get better

I personally used GitHub to make it “browseable.” (do you mean accessible from anywhere by that?) Let me know if you’re interested in this option, and I’ll see how I can help. It will require you to learn the basics of GitHub though and how to deploy a page. If what you mean is to make it look good on both desktop and mobile, then yeah as others have already said you’d need to figure out why it’s not looking the way you want it to and make it responsive.

as @AmirF27 said you can host it from GitHub as well

A pretty quick guide is here

And if you want to jump into GitHub quickly, I love DevTips material on it. it’s quick and easy and I love his vibe…

GtiHub for Noobs

@AmirF27. Sorry I’m having light issues(Nigeria) for a while now that’s why i hadn’t replied. Yes I mean accessible and I’m equally interested in the github option and basics. Thanks

@DarrenfJ. Thanks a lot

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