I dont know how to neutralize a code

ı coded body you know it effects the whole thing but want to neutralize a code how can ı do it , if I can do then with which code

You can probably use some sort of variable. If the variable has some value you determine, or just true or false, then the code can be functional in certain areas. I am currently using React for the Front End Libraries Projects and use boolean variables to determine if something is active or not.

What do you mean by “neutralize a code”? What exactly are you trying to do?

ı acctualy done it by using rem but ı want to stay a hover like when you click that button it will stay its hovering color how can ı build it

I would use JavaScript and an if statement with one, or more, document.getElementById(“element-id”).style.property-you-want-to-change = “whatever” to change it to it’s hovered state. You can also use one, or more, querySelector.

You can also use CSS custom properties and then use one,
or more, document.documentElement.style.setProperty("–css-variable-name", “what you want to change the variable to”); in your JavaScript.