I dont know what I am doing

How can I download mathpolib, Numpy, pandas etc? Is there anyone doing this course or who has done this course before? How did you navigate it? I just cruised through the first parts, I did all the work but it felt a bit too easy. Any advice or suggestions for a newbie like me? :slight_smile:

Calm down and get your question straight please ^^°
For a start, you don’t “download” these libraries. You get a IDE which either already includes them, offers a way to install and manage them or install them globally with “pip install”, which you can google.

However if you work on Colab, they are already provided there.

Then, what do you not get right?

lol sorry. I haven’t seen the IDE. I wanted to install notes AI but it would not give me a sign up option. I will go through the notes again. I must not have navigated properly. I tried solving a few exercises on colab. It was always writing errors which I don’t understand. I just wanted to know if we need to install those apps, where and how. I am no techie. But I will view pip download thanks.

If you need help understaning error message, go ahead and ask :wink:
Especially in Python they can be extremly helpful, though you first need to understand what they are actually telling you.

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Thanks, btw what is an IDE? How can I get it?

An IDE or “integrated development environment” is a program that includes tools to write code in one or more programming-languages.
Tools like auto-complete, code-highlighting, debugger-tools and more.

For example Jupyter-Notebooks for Python allows a similar coding environment as the Colab-Notebooks from Google.

Basically, code can be written in any text editor. IDEs offer a bunch of additional tools and sometimes even more extensions to make the expirience a lot smother.

You get them from their developer. Some are free, others can cost a bunch of money. Jupyter Notebooks are free. So is Anaconda, which is basically an environment on top, that can manage several IDEs (including Jupyter) but also offer to create environments in which specific versions of libraries and such can be controlled. In case you work on several project which work with different versions of libraries and tools.

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Thanks a lot! I will get one before I start working on projects.

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