I dont know what to do after JavaScript

Hey guys,
i finished JavaScript section like 1-2 months ago. i did the five projects(had to google a lot, also hints) ,got the certifications but still was not sure that i understood it as well as html and css. so i did the whole data structures section again. still did not feel confident enough then i tried codecademy’s version, it was helpful but i still don’t think i can create anything. did a course on udemy on node.js still at same level.i can understand the code but i cannot write it if that makes any sense.
i wanted to try javascript30 but it shows error when i enter my email. i know that i have to make projects but i dont have any idea what to make.i have no one to guide me regarding this so i decided to post it here.

Hi @krutarth,

Are you learning to code to get a job, work for yourself, or something else altogether?

If you’re not sure what to do after grasping the fundamentals, here are a few ideas:

  • Build your own personal website (and publish on github pages or netlify)
  • Learn version control (GIT) and/or checkout and contribute to active projects on Github.com
  • Learn how to deploy and run your code in production environments
  • Join communities like indiehackers[.]com, read news.ycombinator[.]org, etc.
  • Talk to people around you and find out there problems, design and implement solutions (write code when you need to) to solve these problems

That maybe a good start. Thanks