I don't know what to do

I’m professional IT support specialist for 13 years.
Also since 2007 I work as freelancer with PHP+MySQL and C# (Winforms)+MSSQL . But I’ve never worked in a software development company. I had my own software company where we were me and my friend as co-owners and we was writing software as we want. I mean not as professional companies doing. We closed it because 2 jobs at the same time was going to 15 hours of work every day…

I know from everything little bit.
- I can create websites, e-shops, custom apps and APIs with PHP and some things with Node JS
- I can create windows applications
- I can design and implement networks
- I can work with virtualization, backups, windows servers

I live and work in Europe. The problem is I’m getting less than 17K EUR per year and I’m searching a way to earn better. Also I have problem with my English ( as you can see in this post isn’t fluent )
The thing where I don’t know what to do is if I must leave my company. Because I asked for salary increase 3 times without and result.
I want to work as developer. Maybe a Junior … I’m not sure if I can earn better salary…
I’m searching PHP jobs as junior developer. ( Maybe I’m medior I don’t know ).
I’m confused and I don’t know what to do really… I say to myself "you’ll never get better when you stay in this company where I’m 13 years )
So I’m earing your advices.
Thank you so much for everyone who will answer


Your English is better than some of the people with whom I work and this is and English speaking company. Improving would be good, but it doesn’t have to be perfect. They just want you to be able to communicate with your coworkers, not write poetry. Maybe find someone with whom you can practice speaking. You want to make a good impression in the interview. Loo

The thing where I don’t know what to do is if I must leave my company. Because I asked for salary increase 3 times without and result.

That’s tough. But if you don’t like the work and you don’t like the money, I’d be looking for something else. But unless you have a lot of money in the bank, I’d keep your old job until you find a new one.

I’m searching PHP jobs as junior developer. ( Maybe I’m medior I don’t know ).

Yeah, in some ways your a mid-level (lots of experience), in some ways you aren’t (not much corporate experience, in a “real” shop). I’d just advertise myself as a “Junior/Mid” and see what people think.

So, I’d build a resume, get some kind of a portfolio together, and start applying like crazy. I think you are in the EU, so there are a lot of possibilities. Even if you don’t want to move, there is a lot of remote work.


Really… You made my day @kevinSmith . The truth is I haven’t a self-confidence with English but I did some courses with myself or private teachers in the past.

I don’t like the money @kevinSmith and I really want to work in the software development industry.

tmfsoft.com is my own site which I started soon and where I’m adding my projects. I developed an MIS where I’d for about ~180000 lines of code myself. So that not means I know something.
I developed a marketplace web app with 2 dashboards and 2 fronts. 95% of this app I wrote only I. ( efyge.gr/komotini/localcoffee )
I wrote the previous sample projects to show my level only
I enjoy writing code and developing systems.
I’ll prefer to find remote work but if I find better money with relocation I’ll do it.


Your site rocks, honestly.
The design is clean, you have animations that are on point and don’t take too long,
the flow of the information feels great.

As a tip: run a Lighthouse test in Google Chrome and see if you can improve the sites overall performance . You already score over 90 in best practices. This is something you could put in your resume as a case study.

It’s so much better than what I see everyday from clients that need their sites improved. If the rest of your projects deliver the same UX and with your experience, give it a try!

Much success!

Your site is really amazing :slightly_smiling_face:. There is lot to learn from you all people on here . (sorry for bad english)

Hello @DanielHuebschmann

Thank you so much for your nice words. I wrote the code behind of my site. The theme was ready and I changed it too much only. I can create UX but I’m not designer :). I can do everything however my strong side is the BackEnd.

I’m searching a remote job or I can relocate somewhere in the Europe. This was the reason which I started this topic :slight_smile:
I must find a new job because I’m unhappy with my existing job.

Thank you so much

@Madmax2 I didn’t make something… A simple site. People can do amazing thing.
Thank you so much for your words

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There’s a high demand for Wordpress, Shopify and other e-commerce.

When I started working as a freelancer/ contractor,
I was surprised how much use Wordpress still has.

You’ll find clients that need

  • Developing, especially e-commerce with Woocommerce
  • Maintance of existing sites, again mainly e-commerce
  • need your help because they bought their site on Fiverr and are now having a product that is slow or not working at all.

With your experience as a php developer and backend dev you bring the tools
to make this your business. There’s alot of money to earn for a capable e-cmmerce dev with Wordpress and Shopify.

You could start this on the side and grow your business until you have enough clients (will take time) to ditch your job.

Don’t go to Fiverr, that’s the bad part of town, Upwork is not much far from them, but a better place to start.

View this as an option if the job hunt gets too frustrating,

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