I don't know what's wrong with this code, please help

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var MyName; Allison;

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Challenge: Declare JavaScript Variables

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You are close.

Remove the Allison and lowercase the My. Later on, you will learn how to give variables value with different data types such as a string, number, object (more advanced), etc.

I’ll spoil a little.

var myName = "Allison"

This would be the correct way to store a name to a variable. It is called a string and is used for text. If you just say Allison without quotes, your telling JavaScript to look for a variable named Allison and use its assigned value, which in this program, does not exist.

Javascript follows a convention of using camelCase . The first word of the variable starts with a lower case letter and the first letter of the words following it start with capital letters - if the variable name contains more than one word.

var thisIsCamelCase;

If the variable has only 1 word, that also will be in full lower case.

var word;

Yes, the code will work even if it starts with a capital letter but it is good practice to use camelCase while using variables.

There are cases where the variable might be fully upper cased but thats another story :slight_smile:

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