I don't know where to start off

So, as my dream job (i don’t know much about the field but I find it fascinating and want to become an AI Developer) would be to work on the deep learning project at NVIDIA. I’m 19 years old, I took a semester off of college because, well lets be honest. Not trying to spend all that money on an online education, when I can probably be more productive just using this website I believe. But I don’t know where to really start off my education. I’ve done a little bit of web development but I don’t see this as a very helpful field of coding for what I want to do. Could anybody suggest which courses to go through on this website, I tried to dive into “Machine Learning w/ python certification” but that was too advanced for me to be honest. But before that I started the web development course, and it was too easy for me. Should I just go through every course available and, eventually find the spot that I am at or what?
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How much programming experience do you have? You say you have already learned web development, but have you built complex problems with JavaScript? Have you studied another language such as Python, Java, C++, etc?

If you don’t have much programming experience, that’s fine. There are good resources available for free or cheap online. It sounds like you might do best starting with some introductory Python coursework. As you noticed, the current Python matierial on freeCodeCamp is fairly advanced because it asssumes that you have already completed the JavaScript curriculum and learned a lot about programatic problem solving. freeCodeCamp does have Python material on their YouTube channel, but you probably want to breach out. It has been several years since I was looking for Python learning material, but back in the olden days my favorite resources were Learn Python 3 the Hard Way (which used to be free but may not be now) and No Starch Press.

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Hi @Landonson223 , I also took a break from school and I’m currently new here as well with the whole COVID, online class is just not for me. I would really advice you to start from the beginning of the course all the way to the end and get all certificate. So at least you get a good idea of what each topic’s about and you can learn new things as you go. :slight_smile:

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You’re going to need lots and lots of C++ and CUDA.

I’ve only done online web development, so html and css, I only know the basics of java. So would you just recommend me to go through every course from top to bottom that freeCodeCamp provides?

I knew about the C++, would you suggest I go through the freecodecamp course list from top to bottom, and what are some other courses you’d suggest. Ultimately right now, i’m just trying to learn some coding langauges, and go to Western Governors University for a degree. Are there any other websites/sources you’d suggest to learn C++ and CUDA down the road or should I just continue down my path of freeCodeCamp and watching youtube?

Yeah, that’s what I’ve kinda came up with, just really didn’t want to believe it to be true cause i’ve learned web development already and wanted to see other peoples opinions on it.

I think that the JavaScript lessons will help you learn the basics of programming and you can take that understanding and apply the knowledege to other languages. The HTML and CSS stuff is less relevant if you are not interested in web dev, but you still might find it interesting.

alright, thank you for the insight. So after freeCodeCamp, are there any other online websites or anything that you’d suggest to expand my learning or would fcc be enough?

after you have the basics down, find which technologies you are interested in and start making your own projects or contribute to open source


have a look at this: https://i.am.ai/roadmap/#note


It’s just going to depend on what’s most important to you as you’re starting out. If you know that having a community and a support system is an important factor, then it might be worth it to learn programming fundamentals through freeCodeCamp’s JavaScript curriculum. If you’re confident in your ability to build your own coursework, then you can choose to start with languages and skills that are directly relevant to your long term goals.

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wow, that’s insanely helpful. Thank you so much for that.