I Don't Know Where to Start

I signed up recently and don’t know where to start or finish. Do we have to finish all 6 300 hour courses in order to know enough information to qualify for a job? Can someone breakdown what we need to do in order to get there?

if you are interested in full-stack then it is a good place to start, but you would need much more practice than that to become proficient at something.
Don’t take the “300 hours” at face value, it is an estimate, you could need much less, but also much more.

After, there is the whole Interview prep section, and a whole word out there of open source projects you can contribute to, experiences to make and such.

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I really do not know what kind of jobs you want to have or what you need to learn. Things are not always so easy to learn , and in order to get a job for sure you should have some knowledge.
I guess measuring you knowledge with how many hours you practice or learn would not be a good thing to do. Because sometimes we spend hours trying to figure out one small bug in our codes ( that cant be calculated as learning time ) . A better measurement i think would be how comfortable you feel about the languages you know ?? How many solutions you can think of ??

On the other hand what you need to learn or do is based on what does the company or clients want you to do for them .

So all together i think you should think about what your clients or company need and when you comfortable about those requirment then you are ready !!!

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