I don't know why it's like that?

Hey ! I am using my computer and so far everything was good, but all of a sudden, I just can’t write my code anymore. Do you know how can I fix that please ? Thanks !

click on the box with “index.html” in it
I think that will fix this.

Yes I tried, but it makes no difference…

deselect the Console button (it should not be black)

Even if I do it, nothing change…
It’s like the place where I have to write my code is hidden by something

how about if you try in incognito or private mode?
maybe you installed an extension that is hiding the text or you changed the color?

oops sorry that was meant for someone else

yes I tried that too haha
But nothing works…
It’s like a bug, but I can’t find were it comes from

can you see if you browser is up to date?
also can you try to log out and log back in

Yes it it, and I’ve tried that too
I don’t know… It works on my phone but I really want to do it on computer

can you try a different browser?
I use Chrome.

It works ! Thank you sooo much ! I don’t know why I haven’t think about it before haha, but anyway, thank you again !

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