I don't really known how to add my previous projects to portfolio

Please guys, I want to add my previous projects from codepen to my portfolio. I known am to use the links. but how do I make the projects images to appear on the portfolio site? should I screenshot it or what should I do. am very confused, please help me out guys.

Yup, take screenshots and add them.
Maybe using something like :

You can also use a extension to your browser which can take screenshots.

Hope this helps.

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Thank you bro. let me try it out.

You might have something installed on your operating system for screenshots already. Windows has snipping tool, gnu/linux has screenshot, and I’m sure macOS has something preinstalled as well.

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window screenshot is: window + PrtSc

Yeah, it’s just PrtSc on Ubuntu. Snipping tool would probably be more helpful, though, since you’re only trying to get the project :stuck_out_tongue:

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If you’re using Chrome you can take various types of screenshots with the developer tools.

Hit f12 to open devtools, then hit ctrl-shift-p and type screenshot and you will see the options.

You probably will want to scale and compress the screenshots for the web.

On windows I use paint .net for simple edits.

Another way on chrome I just learned is you can toggle the device toolbar (ctrl-shift-m) when the devtools are open and select more options from the 3 dot menu.

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Thanks a lot, I think Chrome screenshot is the best. thank you.