I dont really understand!

I need help ,I am completing projects and progressing but I feel like I am not learning although I would be lying if I said my knowledge hasn’t increased. But I’m scared after I’m finally done with the certifications I wont be able to actually build a project.Does anyone else feel this way or it is just me? Also I am a beginner so maybe it is all part of the process?
Any form of help or advice or even just a word of assurance so I dont feel like I am wasting my time would be greatly appreciated!

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You’ll have to build the projects to capture the cert.

That said, the cert is just the goal, the value comes from doing the projects using what you learned about from the challenges.

The projects are where you’ll learn the most. The challenges before it are more there to show some examples of what you can do, but using them in a “real-world” project is where you’ll get to learn more about them, the challenges that could come up, and how to put all the things you learned together.

Good luck, keep learning, keep building :+1:

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