I don't understad what is required from the Cash Register Challenge

Hello everyone. Hope that you all are having a great time.
Please I need help to understand what is required from the Cash Register challenge, which is the final project for the JavaScript data-structures and algorithms certification.

Precisely, I don’t understand what the change should be, and the steps for calculating it.

the change is the difference between the first two parameters

you get a number, and then you need to figire out if it is possible
to make that number with the money in the drawer (cid)

I am talking about the change in the object returned by the checkCashRegister function.
How do I figure out whether to return [quarters, pennies …] I really don’t understand

that is the algorithm you need to create

but, let’s think of it in realistic terms

you are a cashier, in your drawer you have
50$ in tens
20$ in fives
5$ in ones
1$ in quarters
0.11$ in pennies

you need to give back 2.28$, how would you count which bills or coins to use?

Sorry, I don’t understand what you mean by 50$ in tens.
Can you break it down please?

50$ in 10$ bills (which is the way that the algorithm has written it), or 5 bills with value 10$ each

Thank you for the time. I seem to be understanding. I will go and try again.