I don't understand could help

two things

1.when you click the three lines at the top right
it says staff-debug
what does it mean…

2.what does this mean?

As for the first problem, that is odd. It sounds like a glitch in the discord software to me. For the second, it is telling you that you can only embed one media item in a post.

What OS are you using? What browser?

I don’t understand

on the bottom left

Yeah I am not sure what that option is for.
I have never used it.

Maybe it is just for the staff members.

OK, yeah, that’s odd. I don’t know if it is a discord problem or something with our setup, setting up themes. It seems to be it’s own color theme.

the “Staff - Debug” style is there to garantee that the mod and admin tools always work even if the other styles for some reason break

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okay thanks for your help

I was creating a topic and it says, General, I scrolled down to where it says freecodecampsuport I clicked it and it would not let me create it instead it said what I posted first

the amount of things users can add to a post is limited, and if you exceed that limit you get the error that you can’t post the message

Ohh thanks for your help