i dont understand this ex

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function timesFive(num) {
return num *=5;

const answer = timesFive(5);
function timesFive(nu) {
return nu *=5;

const answer = timesFive(2);
function timesFive(um) {
return um *=1;

const answer = timesFive(0);
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Challenge: Return a Value from a Function with Return

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HI @Thanhfx !

Welcome to the forum!

You don’t need all of this code on the page.
The correct answer is the code you wrote at the top of page which is 3 lines.

You can delete all of this stuff here

Here is why you should delete it.

Once a constant variable is declared and assigned a value, you cannot assign a new value or create multiple const variables by the same name.
You wrote const answer several times which is incorrect.

You don’t need to create a variable of answer at all here.

You have already created a function called timesFive at the top of the page.
What the tests are doing being the scenes are calling the function for you and passing in those arguments of 5,2,0.

That is why you don’t need to do all of this extra stuff here

Hope that helps!

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