I don't understand why my / directory is full (Ubuntu)

Hi, I installed ubuntu 20.04 yesterday and have been setting it up to continue working Monday onwards with Ubuntu as full time. I have not installed even 20 applications yet and I have started getting warnings that my filesystem root directory is full.

Can anyone please help me with this?

Thanks in adv

Maybe it has to do as to where the files are stored. Since it seem to be a storage issue.
Take a look at what hard disk you did target it can be that it is set to the wrong one.
You can either do this using the menu or use the boot commands

Hi, thanks for you reply. I am a little confused with the way linux directories are layed out. So the issue is with my / directory and all the directories are under this directory, if I am right. Now I have allocated around 80GB to /home and 20 GB to / directories.

Another issue is that when I check the size via properties I get ~9.1 GB for file contents but 17GB for used space.

On Linux the / is the root directory, so yes it is the “top-level” directory. Your /home directory for your user is under this root directory. If I remember correctly, this means your user’s directory under the /home directory is on its own partition. So taking my first name as an example /home/brad is allocated 80gb of memory to do what I want in that directory since its mine.

It sounds like you setup 20GB to your overall distro installation, and 80gb for anything under your user’s /home directory. The issue with this is generally anytime you install anything on your system, its not installed under your home directory. Rather its installed under one of the “top-level” folders and “provided” to users of the system.

I’d recommend looking into moving around some memory so your root partition has more room. There are a few articles on doing this but I recommend you look into multiple. If anything, backup your important work before you start playing around.

Worst case scenario, you can backup your data, nuke your partitions and start again with a different setup.

Good luck!