I don't understand why my solution isn't passing [Issue Tracker]

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The tests aren’t passing for some reason.

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I’ve tested my code and it updates issues successfully.

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Challenge: Issue Tracker

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I don’t see the file .env, is missing

There’s .env file, but the website hides it from other users. You can try using it yourself and check the results https://issue-tracker-freecodecamp.herokuapp.com/

So I have just forked your project, and checked what kind of errors you are getting both in your functional tests, and inside Chrome developer console when I submit it to freeCodeCamp tester.

Basically the functional tests you wrote for the PUT route is all failing for different reasons.

I think you can figure it out why those functional tests are failing by yourself.

I think Chai output explains pretty well why they are failing.

I think my tests are fine.

For example:

But when I try my app

Same with this one:


That’s not my experience when I run your repl project though:

I think there’s a problem with the FCC’s tests. Have you checked if any repos are passing all the tests?

I think there might be an issue with FCC’s tests

This is from the FCC tests

  1. It creates a new issue:

  2. It updates it:

  3. It checks if the updates persisted:

My own project passes it.