I don't want to use codepen

I tried to build my first front-end deb project on Codepen. I decided to start with the twitch api but working in codepen in my current setup drives me crazy. I have a laptop 12.5" with fairly low resolution screen and with codepen everything is in view at once. I spend a huge time managing my view/html/css/js windows.

I feel that Codepen works against me so my question is do I have to use Codepen? How about uploading the projects to Neocities,org? That way I can use a text-editor, a local server and a browser to work on my projects and can I separate everything neatly in separate files.

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Okay thanks, so as long your work is available publicly you can use whatever you like.

Yes, you are correct.

I usually mess around small apps in heroku free account. U should try it too. i make small express server file and deploy it to heroku . you can show [yourWebsiteName].herokuapp.com domain publicly.

Atom is probably your best bet.