I feel like I am not going to learn This

This is my three weeks into FCC learning the outlined courses. I am currently into the project building section of responsive web design and I am still lost . I feel like this isnt for me. I feel like hanging up here . I am stuck

This is confusing stuff. There’s a reason why it pays so well.

As to it “not being for you”, only you can decide that. But I will say that a lot of people struggle at various points in the curriculum, sometimes hugely so. I don’t know if you can really asses things after only 3 weeks.

I see that you’ve asked a few questions on the material - good. Keep doing that. That’s why we’re here. And there is nothing with which you can struggle with which others have not struggled. And usually there are at least a dozen currently struggling with it but they are too chicken to ask for help.

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