I feel like I'm missing the lecture and just being asked questions

I’m completely not understanding this course. I have taken a javascript class but for some reason while taking this course, I am not getting it. I feel like I’m missing the whole entire lecture for each problem, or missing vital rules, or something. How did everyone get along through the javascript course and what helped the most in really achieving those, “aha! I get it!” moments?

Also, I think a big issue I have is with the terminal. Half the time I can’t get console.log to function correctly. Showing definitions never seems to work and there are no autocomplete suggestions or anything that offer assistance. The syntax debugger in the test output is more of a guessing game too. Is this an issue with Chrome?

I had the same problem, and I solved it by googling everything, literally everything. JavaScript is very popular and there is probably no problem you can have or something you don’t understand that someone before you didn’t understand and people helped him. There are no stupid questions, ask the internet and it will provide.

@farfox Everyone has problems when they started learning JavaScript. You can ask everything you don’t know about JavaScript here; forum.freecodecamp.org .
I have seen most of the people who are stuck in freecodecamp JavaScript course come here and ask.

It is not Chrome issue. freecodecamp doesn’t provide those. I don’t know why. I think it might be because of freecodecamp want us to solve problems by ourselves.

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