I feel like I'm trying so hard to perfect these front end projects

Throughout this year i have been going back and forth with my product landing page and i feel like I’m trying so hard to make a perfect looking design page and not really getting things finished to move onto the next challenges. Can anyone else relate to this ? I just want to feel like i have passed properly rather than just coming across like its a half hearted effort but the most important thing is that i’m learning how to code and understanding the concepts on when to apply something.


Dude I felt like this a year ago when I first started… my projects sucked… but over time, they started looking better and better… and my site still doesn’t look that great, but it is wayyyy better then it was when I first started.


I’m glad to hear that someone can relate to this. I guess the design will improve over time.

Just meet the user story requirements and move on, then with each new thing you learn, see if you can go back and apply it to previous projects. You['ll be surprised hoow much you learn by going back to redo an old project that may have taken 20 hours the first time, may only take 2 hours when you go back.


Yeah i agree, i think that’s the best approach going forward with these projects.

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Darned Skippy I’m feeling ya.