I feel Stuck midway

I started JavaScript 2-3 weeks ago, I thought i was doing ok, but now i feel i do great till mid and somehow start getting confused with the codes and concept. how do we recall all the codes, syntax and application at a time, anybody who feels the same? how do you you deal with it?

2-3 weeks is very early, just keep patience and keep practicing, more repetitions would retain more information, happy coding :slight_smile:

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Yes, three weeks isn’t much, plus I always point out that these courses are A LOT to inhale when you are new to coding. The role-playing game alone already throws so much new knowledge at you.

Give it a few more weeks and plan to code every day for at least an hour for example. This is a game for grinders. Also see it as a chance to be honest with yourself and decide that coding maybe isn’t for you if it turns out to be more pain than gain.

It’s too early for that now, however.

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true, practice and patience is the key, thankx

yes, planning to code more time. thankx

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If you are doing great, that’s bad, you’re not learning.

If you feel confused and overwhelmed you are learning new things, and you just need time to process it. That’s good. Welcome that feeling. The worse you feel, the more sweet victory will be when you crush the challenge.

" how do we recall all the codes, syntax and application at a time," Professional coders are professional google-ers. You can remember a lot, anything you use a lot will become second nature (in time) but no one can remember all of this, and looking things up is a KEY SKILL!

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