I feel very demotivated

First of all, i am doing my best to learn the codes (html for now) and even though i am stuck i solve the given task then again i am feeling very down lately and feel like will never be able to reach my goal and be successful :frowning: :face_exhaling:

does anyone else feel so … :frowning:


I understand, when you look at what there is to learn, it’s sometimes scary. But it’s not a race you have to look at your own progress not that of others, in France/Belgium we say “it’s by forging that you become a blacksmith” or “Rome was not built in 1 day”. It’s all a matter of perseverance and daily work, the results will come by themselves! :slight_smile:


The whole thing look so intimidating sometimes, but taking them bit by bit, asking questions and having a good rest and quality sleep helps a lot.

I’m a newbie, I just started few weeks ago but with time I’m beginning to catch up. Sometimes when it seems like my brain is blowing hot, I just give myself some break, sometimes a day or two then go back again. This method has been helpful and I can see a huge progress in my learning.

Don’t give up, I believe in you. YOU CAN DO THIS :sparkling_heart:


If you feel like you lost a battle, go for another battle and lose it better. be the best loser.
until then you start winning battles and then you will be able to win the war.

don’t give up. it has to be fun after some time, I feel it :slight_smile:

(i am also telling these to myself, I totally understand you, just don’t give up. wishing you good luck)


Keep Going With it may be hard at first and you will get stuck on problems but you got this.:clap:t4::sparkles:

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I completely understand. I am currently working through Basic JavaScript. I’m on the last 11 activities in the course and it seems to have gotten crazy difficult. It is definitely making me question my understanding of JavaScript so far. I make it a point to take short breaks and try to figure it out on my own before checking for a hint. If I need the hint, or the entire solution, I try to make sure I understand where I went wrong and make note of how I should approach a similar situation in the future. I’ll even completely reset the code and complete the task again. For me, it’s understanding how the code works and repetition.

I try to remind myself that learning something new is uncomfortable but I love the feeling I get when I finally breakthrough.

You got this!!

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I used to feel this way constantly. I still have nightmares where I’d be missing a whole swath of things and have to “start over”.

I usually wake up though and realize what I have done, and also keep in mind I don’t need to consider everything, only what’s next. With an idea of what I need to “do next”, I usually go back to sleep knowing thats all I needed to plan, or care about moving forward.

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step” - Lao Tzu

I usually provide the following at the end of most of my posts:

Good luck, keep learning, keep building :+1:

Regardless of the actual contents of the post. The reason for this everyone is on the same journey as you, everyone needs to keep learning and building to get where they need to go. In that sense everyone has the same “next task” as you as well, it’s only the topic may be different. Today you might be learning more about HTML, tomorrow CSS, and maybe next week jQuery and JavaScript. I also provide “good luck” as there is always external factors that could disrupt any plan, and having luck on your side is never a bad thing ;D

The subject of your study may change, but the overall process of learning will be the same. Hence just keep doing what you’re doing, and know everyone else that is sticking with it is doing the same, and having the same struggles.

Learning development isn’t fast or easy, but it isn’t impossible. I usually say anyone can do it if they have enough time, grit and an internet connection.

So, good luck, keep building, keep learning :+1:


Thankyou Guys for the comments… i really appreciate and yeah will smash it gradually move along the journey . :innocent:

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@ibelongabroad if you enjoy coding and if your goal is going to help you grow, I would continue pursuing it! For me, learning to code wasn’t just about the end goal. It was realizing that it was going to take me a long to get there, but if I could achieve something so big that I wasn’t sure I could achieve, I knew I could achieve anything else that I would put my mind to moving forward. And that is what has been happening. It took me 5 years after college to get my first software engineer role and it has been nothing but amazing. Even to this day I get stuck, feel down, and then when I end up solving a problem, I know at that point I grew just a little bit more :slight_smile: You got this!

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Yeah, we all have felt that way along the line. However, its all about persistently trying to do more. In a few months, you will look back at these moments and laugh. keep it up.

I am feeling like this for 3months now I lost my focus, I want to do it but something is pulling me down or I am doing it to my self?

Before practicing or coding, read some related articles from the freeCodeCamp news section and other sites. It will help.

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