I finally finished my Simon game!

I hope you have fun playing it :slight_smile:
You should also try the different speeds and test out the 8-Field and 12-Field Mode :smiley:

My Game

What I want to add to the game:

  1. A timer so you lose the round after a given amount of time
  2. A setting which lets you choose between a second chance per Round, a second chance per Game or unlimited second chances
  3. Some nicer notifications than what I have at the moment
  4. Some different sounds

But for now, what do you think?


I love it. The only issue (and I don’t know how to fix it) is sometimes if 2 consecutive sounds are the same in the sequence, it doesn’t play the second sound if you click too fast or if it is playing the sequence to you.
Otherwise brilliant.

Thank you for your reply. I already know about this issue, it’s the reason why I want to find some other sounds.
I tried to pause the play of the sound when removing the “xxxActive” class. But if the Speed is set to fast it sounds just wrong because the sound stops immediately (or there is no sound. For example: in fast-mode the sound starts playing and is paused after 150ms but in sounds 3 and 4 there is no sound in the first 150ms :smiley: ).

Here is my Code I wanted to use in my hightlightMove function:

function highlightMove(field) {
        var f = document.getElementById(field).classList;
        f.add(field + "Active");
        setTimeout(function() {
            f.remove(field + "Active");
            game.sounds[field].currentTime = 0;
        }, (game.speed/2));

If somebody knows how to fix this issue let me know :slight_smile: