I find it difficult to pass stage 4

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TODO: Add link to cat photos. <!-- --> 
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Challenge: Step 4

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Hi, could you please describe your issue?

Your <!—needs to be on the left of TODO

The problem it shows I should put the TODO above the P I don’t get it

Yes it is on the left of TODO but I don’t know why it’s not passing me

  1. don’t remove any code unless it’s part of the instructions
  2. when it tells you to add text, add exactly the text it tells you to add (in grey)

You removed the p element. Also, your text contains a full stop, which it shouldn’t.

See if that fixes the issue.

Thank you so much sir, what is the p element here

You removed the p element, reset the challenge.

I don’t get it how should I arrange it and what is the p element

To reset click on ‘reset’

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