I find organizing my learning really Hard

Does anyone have any suggestions for how I can really organise and remain focused in my learning. I wanted to learn only node js but I have not ben able to stick to one tutorial, I always stop halfway and carryon to another set of tutorials. Even here on free code camp I was to complete a task which has been really difficult for the past few weeks It’s now looking like I have to go learn javascript all over again before coming back to node. Same thing happened when I was learning php, I stopped when I got to CRUD operations then I jumped to OOP then larvel. Out of frustration I dropped LAMP and decided to go the MAMP way. I really need some good advice.

node.js is great - I do feel it is better to begin with front-end javascript just because it’s really fun and motivational for beginners to be able to easily interact with a nice visual display of their program - also since javascript originated in the browser and still is primarily driven by needs of the browser it provides good context when you write javascript for the backend

Thank you very much. That was quite helpful

I organize my learning path in OneNote, Ive made a list of the courses Im taking, and then have a log of when I started a course or project and when Ive finished it. I bounce around quite a bit, often doing 2 sometimes 3 courses at once. I find it hard to just focus on doing just one thing before moving on to the next…so instead of fighting against that, I try to work with it and make sure I touch bases with each of the course Im working on.

Along with FCC, I am working my way through P1xt’s Get Job Ready Guide which really helps as far as having a track and sticking to it. Another thing that may help is having an ultimate goal. I want to learn the MERN stack as well as Python. Now that Ive completed Front End, I just completed a Python course yesterday, on the Python portion of CS50 now, and today I plan to start a course on Mongo, Node and Express. Once I complete that, I’ll delve into the FCC Backend Projects.

Basically though, have in my mind where I want to be, and everything Im doing is with the clear intent of getting there…even though Im all over the place as far as courses Ive taken along the way, I try to stay on some sort of forward moving direct path to my goals and finish every course I start. I hope that helps in some way…

Wow thanks I just checked out OneNote. Thanks a lot.

No prob! One Note really has been huge for me for organizing everything. On my current progress page, I have a list of everything I have or are currently working on. Anything Ive started is highlighted in yellow so that I can see right off what I need to focus on getting off my plate. Once I finish, I remove the yellow then highlight courses or books complete in green and projects complete in blue.

So like this morning I could quickly see that Ive had Allonge on my plate for awhile and decided to read for about an hour to nick away at that. Im nearly done with CS50 Week 8 so going to try and knock that out now, then going to start the Mongo course by this afternoon which will get added to my log for today in yellow.

Even though I juggle a lot of stuff, they are all different, one is a book two are coding practice, and 2 are courses. So instead of grinding away at one thing til Im done, I can take a break from it when I need to, and do something totally different, but still productive in helping me reach my goals.

Heres what last month til now looks like on my log.

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