I finished 122 challenges in two days

You have completed 122 of 1409 coding challenges.

what do you think ?

see you after 1 month guys :slight_smile:


Congratulations on your achievement.

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Nice job! Since September 4 I have completed 526 challenges… see if you can overtake me!

edit :
Check this out!


can you give me the link of your projects ?

I done 423 in 12 days :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


if i continue with this method i will finished 732 in 12 days

I hope that the enthusiasm will be maintained :slight_smile:

I don’t wish to sound demotivating, but I must warn you that if you have no prior experience to JavaScript (or any other language), the JS challenges might slow you down quite a bit. From 100 challenges a day I was slowed down to about 5 a day. But I am enjoying them thoroughly, the method that FCC uses gives you the chance to dive into the deep end. It’s easy enough for beginners, but you must keep in mind that you should not depend on FCC alone. The challenges advise you to lookup the methods they ask you to use through other sources.
I find MDN (and sometimes w3schools) particularly useful for this :slight_smile:


Awesome work, keep it up. Make sure you do at least some coding everyday so it becomes a long term habit.

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I suggest that the person complete the course and then repeat it again and so will absorb it

It’s great that you’re so motivated that you “binge-watch” FCC challenges. I am much the same way, I completed two certifications in a week (all the lessons, and the five final challenges for each). This while working sixty hours a week as a landscaper AND continuing to deceive myself that I have a social life.

At the same time, though, I also stopped for a few weeks and revisited a lot of past challenges and lessons, with an eye toward “how could I do this differently?” “Is there a more ES6 way of approaching this?” “Was my solution elegant, or hacky?”

I get the “I completed 1400 challenges in 23 days! (And my entire family won’t come near me, cause I haven’t left my computer long enough to SHOWER!!)”, and it’s fun. But the point isn’t how quickly you can blow through them, it’s how much you retain on the way. Honestly, having done the Micro/API track in eight hours, soup to nuts, my brain is jell-o. I may retain some of that, but I doubt it. I will definitely have to revisit them, perhaps multiple times.

@mslilafowler, I think you’ve got the right tack. It’s about enjoying the drive, not just racing to the destination. :wink:


Be careful of expulsion from your family :slight_smile:
great work and great motivation

There is no doubt that it needs to be repeated…

Good job man. Consistency first priority.

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Cool! Thats Imba :smiley:

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almost 12 days later… how are you going? I am stuck on React.js at the moment… almost ready to complete the Front-End libraries projects

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Wondering the same, how is this quick guy doing now?

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Close to completion of projects

I studied another course at another location until the information was established