I Finished (for now) my portfolio project

I recently started the course. I have some experience with programming but not so much with front-end.
I would like to present you my project. When I’ll pass next chapters I will definitely upgrade it :wink:
What do you think for now?

I have to admit that it was a problem to me to have vertical center in

, I got something but I still not truly understand how it work :wink:

I know everything will be more clear with practicing :wink:


Hi, this is very pretty. Three things…
1st, you don’t have a Bootstrap.js in your jQuery settings.
2nd, you will want to add a viewport meta tag in your html stuff for head settings.
3rd, your nav hamburger isn’t opening. That may be fixed if you add the Bootstrap.js
Another thing to research is adding the body in the html with this…""

This removes the need for your javascript for now. Then you just need to href to each section.

I hope this helps.

body data-spy=“scroll” data-target=".navbar" data-offset=“0”