I finished html/html5 basics!

I am so excited to share that I finished The basics of html/html 5. I am so excited to start css. Though I am giving myself I bonus challenge after each section in order to learn it a bit better. For this one I am going to try this out Learn HTML Basics for Beginners in Just 15 Minutes

I still don’t have grasp on html but I am starting to feel familiar with it which to me is extremely impressive as I have tried on my own several times to learn html when I wanted to do a blog never did the blog or learned html out of frustration. I think I can do this. And because of where I am at right now in my life I really need to celebrate these small wins.


That’s kind of the goal. No one can memorize all of this. And sometimes the full understanding doesn’t come until later. Just keep working and learning and moving forward. If there is something you feel you need to learn better, then take a little side trip on to research something - just don’t let it keep you from getting back on the path.

Congratulations. I also finished it a few hours ago and I am happy to have achieved this small goal
I like to celebrate small goals in the way of learning because I study on my own. This is good so that I don’t get bored quickly and motivate me to complete the next goal
My advice is to focus on small goals rather than large and complex ones, and celebrate each achievement
Also, don’t be afraid to ask if you get stuck, as we learn this way
Finally, I wish you good luck ^^


Defiantly Won’t get side track put I really need motivational wise to put the knowledge to use. You are right now one can memorize all this but I can feel more at home with it if that makes sense, which is my main goal.

I learn the same way. I think that is why I am doing the mini self given challenges after each section. I am also rewriting my notes if needed. I am blessed to know how learn. This is one of the first online form I have found that is easy to come too fore help as everyone is so supportive.

Good Luck you too. Feel free to ask anything you need

Watch to understand and build to actually solidify the knowledge. With HTML I would suggest writing it semantically.

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Thank you… I will…this is a wonderful and helpful community

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it is past midnight here so forgive me if I am taking this wrong. but why will my post be deleted?

any tips for doing this? I will be googling it but any advice is welcomed . it is a interesting concept for learning.

LoL, this is my comment i deleted not yours

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Instead of using div tags. The HTML section should teach you about the header, main, footer, article, aside tags. Use those elements more often than a plain div tag so screen readers and other programmers can read your code easily.

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This is very great advice thank you

I actually did the same. I took my time to read as much as I can about technologies purely related to HTML. you can look into semantics tags of HTML and familiarize yourself with accessibility and SEO.
there is a way to publish a static website on GitHub, you should give it a try, here.
looking at your little tiny achievement and show it to people s=feels good and give you a little motivation boost.
Stay Focused, Stay and keep coding on!