I finished "Learn Bash by Building a Boilerplate". Can I see somewhere info about this?

On the page with the list of courses, where I can see course " Learn Bash by Building a Boilerplate" and command “Collapse course” - I see 0/1.
Shouldn’t zero become one - like “1/1” ?
I mean real information, that exactly me finished exactly this course.
Or should I somehow save result of curse on Github?

Oh, thats cool, congratulations.

Did you provide, if necessary, the correct link to your code?

Besides that, did you try to clean the cookies and refresh the page? CTRL+F5 does the job.

Excuse me, I can’t clean the cookies because my code is stored there.
At what URL can I see information that I have completed a course “Learn Bash by Building a Boilerplate”?
In my profile, I just see “1 total point” - it’s too abstract. Where is the name of the completed course?

About the link to the code, I did not understand.
To whom and how to provide it?
Where can I get this link? From github?
If yes, then…
How to put code on github?
Is there any link for this to work automatically? I didn’t find any information about this.
And there is no code for this course, as such. It’s bash. The result of completing all the course tasks is a set of empty files and directories - do you mean placing them on github?

Excuse, i have so many questions)

Sorry for the late answer.

Well, it is hard to say without see the code and if you cant share is even harder.
I hope that by know you have figured it out.
Good luck.

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