I finished my tribute page! Still felling lost as hell

Alright, here it is: https://codepen.io/Vitorvlv/full/oovWGw/

As I started trying to do this challenge I realized that I completely forgot what to do with any of the

tags. Or that I never got how containers and rows worked. Guess I’ll have to go back and redo those exercises.

Anyway, I did that I could. I think it looks good enough and it fulfill the user stories.

Should I leave it like that and continue trough the challenges or stay at this tribute page and try to make it more like the example? If you look at the code all I did was throw a background image and add text over it. I don’t feel like this is accomplishing much.

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It looks good!

I would say if you have forgotten how containers and rows work, continue with your tribute page to use containers and rows effectively. That way, you may struggle less in the upcoming challenges.

Remember, containers say what it says on the tin, anything within a container class is wrapped inside it (like a box).
A row class seperates certain content within the container. Putting it in a different row from something else.


<div class="container"> <!-- Your box/wrapper for content -->
   <div class="row"> <!-- Certain content -->
<div class="content_1">

  </div><!--End of content_1 -->
  </div> <!--End of row -->

  <div class="row">
   <div class="content_2">

 </div> <!--End of content_2 -->
</div> <!-- End of row -->
</div> <!--End of Container -->

Generally use rows to seperate content within your container

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