I finished the first challenge and made a tribute

The challenge said to share here,so here I am. I struggled with the differences between the lessons in bootstrap 3, and the new bootstrap 4

First of all congrats on your first challenge. It looks really OK :slight_smile: .
If I can suggest something - do not style in HTML, do it in separate CSS file (it is easier to change afterwards, it is easier to read for anyone who will look at your code, it is reusable afterwards).
In html5 is a semantic tag you can use, if bootstrap captions are not working for some reason.
Great, that you remembered about alt text for imgs - that is important!
Great job :slight_smile:

Thanks for the feedback! I avoided CSS as the example showed they only used one CSS class - So I tried to go minimal too!
I’ll have to learn how to do the caption.

I just looked in the window above and the lower buttons don’t look right. They looked OK fullscreen :frowning:

You used also some non-bootstrap styling beyond classes. Look at your first two divs - style of background and padding is written in html.
Going minimum is OK, but don’t sacrifice good practices for that, it really makes it easier afterwards.
One more thing I just noticed - you did everything in divs, it is very bad for everyone who is using screenreader… Read about semantics in HTML.