I gave up once, but I'm back again!

I am an 8th-grade math teacher, that has been wanting to learn how to code for a while now. My goal is to learn how to code javascript, so I can create Google scripts to build future projects for my students.

I tried doing freeCodeCamp about 18 months ago, but then a lot of personal problems came up that derailed my progress. I never managed to complete the survey form project.

I can proudly say that this summer I have picked it back up. I redid the curriculum, I built a new tribute page, and I finally managed to complete my survey form! It hasn’t been easy, I’ve spent the entire day trying to manipulate radio buttons and checkboxes which is what defeated me last time.

I feel like a lot of this stuff is clicking a lot better for me than it did before, and I’m hoping that by the end of the summer, I’ll be ready to start building some projects that will help me in the classroom!


Yay!!! Great Job!!! Just remember, giving up is not the way to go. Work hard will pay off. Again, great job and Good Luck on your Coding Journey. Remember Stay Safe and Happy Coding!!:slight_smile:

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Hey! Welcome back!
It may not sound much coming from another person online who is also trying to learn but great job, I am proud of you.

This is my third attempt at trying to complete FreeCodeCamp. We can do this!

Also, I would be interested to hear more about these Google scripts you have in mind for your students if you would like to chat.