I get a broken link icon for the img

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The image I want to add to my webpage doesn’t show, I get a broken link icon. What do I do now?
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what image are you trying to use?
can you share the project? it’s difficult to help with code we can’t see

I just found the solution, thanks a lot for answering! <3 xoxo

Is there any chance you can share the solution please, as I am stuck on the same thing.

why don’t you open your own topic sharing your code?

My problem was that I wasn’t referring to the required src link. I found this website that allows you to create a link for any photo you want(https://imgbb.com/). Check it out, it may help you too :smile:

I have done, I realise that there has been replies, thank you. It’s my second time using this, figuring my way around, thank you for the advice.

Hey Albimacula,

Thank you for taking the time to share, I hope this fixes y/our issue and well done for your progress thus far

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