I get stuck in My Documentation projects

I Need Help from you guys I get stuck on Documentation project. How should I make the nav to be scrolling

Do you have a codepen or a screenshot of your code? Or you can use the </> button at the top when you reply and enter your code like that. Its hard to help you if we cant see anything

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Thank you sir for your inspiration I had solved it

I did it the way that I can but i want you to be my mentor in learning web development Thank you sir https://codepen.io/muhammad-bulah12/pen/zYEzpMZ

Thats kind of you, but I wouldnt say im a person to be mentor. If you have any problems, you can always post the question here like you just did. Besides me, there are a ton of nice and welcoming members who would be happy to help you. I’ll help where I can

Now, as far as your link. I think your next goal should be to fix the spacing in your paragraph title and text. See if you can reduce that spacing between all the text.

@muhammadsalehbulah, I see you’ve marked this as solved but there’s something you should revisit;
If you are going for the RWD certification all of your projects must meet the minimum requirements specified in the user stories.
Keep the test script when forking the pen (<script src="https://cdn.freecodecamp.org/testable-projects-fcc/v1/bundle.js"></script>)
The test script, with all tests passing, should be included when you submit your projects.
Your page passes 3/16 user stories. Click the red button to see which test(s) are failing and text to help you correct the issue.
Be sure and read more than just the first line of the failing message. The ability to read and comprehend error messages is a skill you’ll need to acquire as a developer. Ask questions on what you don’t understand.

Also, in programming circles, you’ll hear a lot of conversations regarding (technical) documentation in reference to explaining an API, a library, project contribution, etc. Reading and writing good documentation is an important skill and doing this project about a code related subject gives you a good reason to go do some research about the tools you are learning to use.

Post the part you need help with.

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