I get sucked while i use switch case by default

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function switchOfStuff(val) {
var answer = "";

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switch (val) {
  case a:
    answer = "apple";
  case b:
    answer = "bird";
  case c:
    answer = "cat";
    answer = "stuff";


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Challenge: Adding a Default Option in Switch Statements

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There’s some errors in your case statements. You are using undeclared variables. For instance case a: is checking if the value in the variable you passed to the switch statement (in this case val) is equal to the value in the a variable, but the a variable hasn’t been declared. The same goes for the others case statements.

I’m assuming you’re trying to check if val is equal to the string "a", "b" or "c". If so, a quick fix would be to put quotes on them. This way, case a: would be corrected to case "a": .

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i change it but it still look the same way.

You are also missing the return statement in function.

yes,thanks now no debbugs…