I got a dev job!

Late 2018: Figured out my job was not meant for me. Nearly quit.
Early 2019: Felt likely to get a similar job if I quit. Rediscovered the fun of coding.
Spring 2019: Found FCC and coped with my job.
Spring 2020: Got bored on React. Jumped to FCC Back End curriculum.
Early 2021: Completed sudoku solver. I felt one with algorithms :slight_smile:
Mid 2021: Quit my job. Went away from FCC. Started on my own big coding project.
Early 2022: My coding project went live.
Spring 2022: Got a dev job after >50 applications. Crash course in PHP and Java.

Thanks FCC folks!


really happy for you sir, and i hope i get to the higher play in dev world one day

I think you are on your way there :slightly_smiling_face:

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