I got a job — From music to solutions architect at AWS via freeCodeCamp

I finished FreeCodeCamp in 2018 and I have been waiting until now to post on this career forum, because until now I still had a level of imposter symptom, like, “is this career I’m building real?” because it kept feeling too good to be true. But now I feel like I don’t want to wait any longer to share with you my story, because I got so much inspiration from this career forum as I was getting started. I shared my story in the form of a video. I hope it inspires others to keep going for another day.

Video preview: I was teaching piano while doing free code camp. Now I’ve been working at AWS for over a year as a Solutions Architect advising some of the largest companies.


HI @guiKailu !

Thank you for sharing your story. I am sure it will inspire a lot of people

I also transitioned from music to tech using freeCodeCamp. It is nice to meet another musician. :slight_smile:

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Thanks for sharing.Its motivating. When you said you did all the AWS certificates, did you mean only on Architect track? Or all certificates for the different tracks ?

Thanks for the inspiration dropped you a message on your video.